Yanfei’s husband: “Go home tonight and tell all those you hold dear that you love and cherish them.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 01, 2023 |

Photo supplied and used with permission of family

Yanfei Bao’s husband Paul Gooch has urged people to “go home tonight and tell all those you hold dear that you love and cherish them.”

He message comes on the same day police have announced they will resume the search for Yanfei Bao as the water levels in locations of interest have now subsided.

Police Search and Rescue and Dive Squad are involved, along with an aerial search. 

In a statement police said “other enquiries have continued to progress as police receive information about Ms Bao’s disappearance.

“Staff are dedicated to piecing together the circumstances of the investigation and we remain interested in any information relating to sightings of a silver Mitsubishi sedan with the registration DPH101, particularly on Thursday 20 July.

Information can be given to Police via 105, either by calling or going online to https://www.police.govt.nz/use-105 using ‘Update Report’. Please reference file number 230720/5911

A Give A Little page set up to help Yanfei’s family has raised nearly $44,000 as of Wednesday morning.

Statement on behalf of the Bao Family:

The family of Yanfei Bao would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to their family, friends and the general public for the outpouring of kind words and unwavering support following the disappearance of their beloved wife and mother.

The love and compassion displayed by fellow New Zealanders has been truly humbling, and the Bao family cannot express how grateful they are for all the generous donations made through ‘Givealittle’.

This generosity will help ease the burden on their family during these trying times.

In their time of crisis, the Bao family would also like to express their sincere appreciation to the Police for their invaluable support and relentless dedication in the search for their missing loved one, Yanfei.

The family urges anyone with information that could assist the police in locating Yanfei to come forward as soon as possible.

Their only desire is to have her returned to them, so they can find closure and begin the grieving process.

Amid this harrowing experience, the Bao family encourages everyone to cherish their loved ones and express their feelings openly.

Yanfei’s husband Paul Gooch urges people to “go home tonight and tell all those you hold dear that you love and cherish them.”

The family of Yanfei Bao wishes to thank each and every person who has shown support during this challenging time.

Your acts of kindness have given them strength, and they remain hopeful for Yanfei’s return. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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