A Journey through Journalism, Video Production, and Puppetry

Welcome to Chris Lynch Media, where storytelling transcends boundaries. Meet Chris Lynch, a distinguished figure in New Zealand’s media landscape, weaving narratives that resonate across journalism, video production, and puppetry.

and Journalist

Embark on a legacy of independent
journalism. Discover Chris Lynch’s
extensive career as an award-winning
broadcaster and journalist. From national
current affairs to independent media
ventures, Chris’s commitment to delivering
news with depth has left an indelible mark.

Video Producer

Experience visual storytelling at its finest. Chris Lynch, an award-winning multimedia journalist, takes you on a journey through significant news coverage to the realm of video production. From global events to corporate partnerships, explore the versatility and expertise that define Chris’s video production endeavours.

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Step into the enchanting world of puppetry with Chris Lynch. Beyond entertainment, Chris has utilized puppets to deliver key messages with impact. From mental health advocacy to collaborations with Disney, explore how puppetry becomes a powerful medium for storytelling and positive change.

Dive into each page to discover the diverse facets of Chris’s career — a convergence of journalism, video production, and puppetry that shapes a narrative unique to Chris Lynch Media. Explore the stories, the achievements, and the magic that defines each realm.

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