WorkSafe completes investigation into Christchurch Boys’ High School

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 30, 2023 |

WorkSafe has completed its investigation into Christchurch Boys’ High School, following allegations made over a ‘mentally unsafe’ work environment for staff.

Christchurch Boys’ High School was subject to an investigation after concerns were raised last year about the treatment of former staff.

WorkSafe’s Head of Specialist Interventions, Dr Catherine Gardner said while their investigation did not uncover sufficient evidence to file charges, they remain “seriously concerned” about the school and further compliance measures may follow.

“The file will be handed back to WorkSafe’s ‘Mentally Healthy Work’ team to engage with the school. This team consists of specialist inspectors which specifically focus on mental health at work. Their role is to look at systems, policies, and procedures when a worker has experienced mental harm on the job, she said.

“WorkSafe expects all workplaces in New Zealand to provide mentally and physically safe environments for workers.”

In response to the investigation outcome, Christchurch Boys’ High School Headmaster Nic Hill welcomed the decision by Worksafe to not file charges.

“The Board of Trustees at CBHS has now received the results of the Worksafe investigation and welcomes Worksafe’s decision not to proceed with any form of prosecution. The allegations the former staff members have made were historic and not accepted by the Board.

“We will continue to look for where improvements can be made to our Health, Safety and Wellbeing policies and procedures.

“CBHS remains fully confident in our systems and will always be working to improve them for the staff and students. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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