Urgent repairs at riccarton intersection disrupt traffic amidst Christmas season

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 05, 2023 |

Christchurch City Council has initiated essential repair works at the intersection of Riccarton, Clyde, and Wharenui Road due to a critical fault in the traffic signals, disrupting the flow of traffic in a key area frequented by Christchurch shoppers.

The fault, identified in the traffic signal cabling, poses a significant safety risk at the intersection, prompting immediate action from the council’s contractors.

Stephen Wright, the Transport Operations Manager for Christchurch City Council said “Riccarton Road is a key route, particularly at this time of year with holiday shoppers heading to the mall, so our contractors are working as hard as possible to fix and reopen the road.”

Wright advised motorists to seek alternative routes, acknowledging the inconvenience caused by the ongoing repairs.

“If you can, avoid the area and use an alternative route while work is ongoing,” he recommended.

The scope of the necessary repairs is still under assessment, with further updates promised once more information is available.

“We are still working through the detail of what’s needed so we will provide further updates on the full scale of work once we know more, and it has been finalised.”

Recognising the timing of the disruption so close to Christmas Wright said “we know this isn’t ideal right before Christmas, but unfortunately it is unavoidable as it affects the safety of all road users so we want to thank everyone for their patience while we do this urgent work.”

As the city gears up for the festive season, the repairs at this crucial intersection highlight the importance of maintaining infrastructure for the safety and convenience of all road users.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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