Transport Accident Investigation Commission speaking to aircraft crew after Jetstar plane veered off runway

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 31, 2024 |
Photo: Loreal Walker
Photo: Loreal Walker

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is opening an inquiry into the incident at Christchurch Airport involving an Australian-registered Airbus A320 passenger aircraft operated by Jetstar.

Chief Investigator of Accidents Naveen Kozhuppakalam said initial reports indicated that the aircraft experienced a steering issue upon landing, causing it to veer off the runway — a runway excursion.

The aircraft was subsequently towed to the terminal. All passengers disembarked safely, with no reported injuries to passengers or crew.

“We’re gathering all the usual evidence and data for the start of this sort of investigation – including the cockpit voice and flight data recordings and airport CCTV footage,” said Mr Kozhuppakalam.

“Our investigators will be seeking and recovering electronic records and interviewing aircraft crew, airport authorities, air traffic control, and witnesses.

“Getting the facts straight is vital, so we’re keen to hear as soon as possible from passengers on board – especially those who have relevant video footage.”

Anyone with such information can email TAIC at [email protected].

The Commission has appointed a dedicated investigation team of two, who are on site today.

Typically, the investigation team’s evidence collection work is broad at first to support the many routes that an investigation could follow. The initial focus is on gathering evidence that could disappear or change – including memories while they’re fresh in people’s minds.

TAIC is also interested in the aircraft itself, it’s individual history, performance, maintenance, equipment and design.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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