Does Christchurch’s central city need a dog park?

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 08, 2022 |

A community board member is hoping the public will get behind her campaign for a dog park in central Christchurch, before intensification overwhelms the city.

Community Board Chair Alexandra Davids

Alexandra Davids is on the lookout for the perfect spot.

Christchurch has eight dedicated dog parks, but none are located in the central city.

Davids said “during her time on the board the idea was put forward multiple times and championed by the late Sally Buck.”

“Due to the increased intensification we are already witnessing throughout the city but especially in the city centre, there is a need for at least one location where dogs can run and play off lead.” 

“Gardens are becoming less of a norm but people still need to exercise and socialize their dogs in a safe but more unconfined way.”

Davids said “while we have vacant sites in our city centre we have an opportunity to seek out a site that is accessible and can be of value not only to local residents but to businesses that are pooch-friendly in the city and allow those that are travelling in to town for the day with their dogs to have somewhere to go for them to let off some steam.”

Davids said she’s been out and about in the city over the last month while dog-sitting asking people for feedback and there is a lot of interest.

“I can see this as something that can initially be funded by a sponsor so ratepayers are not having to foot the bill. I have already spoken to several potential sponsors that would be keen to look into a proposal.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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