Racing Greyhound dies after “horrific injuries” sustained on Christchurch track

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 05, 2022 |

Animal rights organisation SAFE is renewing calls for the Government to ban greyhound racing after another greyhound lost its life due to “horrific injuries” sustained at Addington Raceway.

The greyhound, How’s the Luck, suffered a broken back and dislocated neck after a fall on Friday.

The incident report can be found here.

Following the fall, she was transported to a veterinary clinic where she was euthanised.

SAFE Campaigns Manager Anna de Roo said it is another example of the racing industry’s continued failure to protect dogs.

“The race reports are extraordinarily painful reading for anyone who cares about dogs. We urge the Racing Minister to ban greyhound racing and ensure How’s the Luck is the last greyhound to be broken by the racing industry.”

The incident comes shortly after the release of a damning Petitions Select Committee report of the industry which highlighted “serious concerns” with everything from greyhound methamphetamine exposure to a disturbing upwards trend in serious injuries.

The report, which was presented to the House of Representatives earlier this month, questioned whether the greyhound racing industry retained the social licence required to continue to operate.

“It’s like a grisly Groundhog Day. Less than a month ago the horror weekend on Auckland’s tracks occurred. This Friday and Sunday there were 13 injuries inflicted on greyhounds over just two days, including two broken bones and one subsequent death,” said de Roo.

“It’s got to stop.”

The Racing Minister, Kieran McAnulty, will be considering the fate of the industry after receiving the Racing Integrity Board’s report on greyhound racing this month.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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