Qantas increases flights between Christchurch & Australia

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 26, 2024 |


Qantas has announced it will increase the number of flights between Christchurch and Brisbane and Melbourne.

From late October, the Australian national carrier will add more than 175,000 additional seats to the routes over 12 months, compared to its current schedule.

Brisbane to Christchurch flights will increase from daily to between 10 to 12 per week from late October, adding up to 1,700 seats on the route each week.

Melbourne-Christchurch flights will increase from daily to 12 per week over the December/January peak and continue between 10 to 12 per week through 2025, adding up to 1,700 seats on the route each week.

Christchurch Airport chief executive Justin Watson said the decision is a response to strong demand, and a vote of confidence in Christchurch and the South Island.

“Qantas’ extra flights gives locals more choice as to when they can visit friends and family in Australia and it makes it even easier to connect with long-haul destinations, including Europe and Asia through Qantas’ extensive network.”

Watson said the extra flights will also provide a valuable boost for the South Island.

“Every time a plane touches down on our runway, it brings in valuable international visitors that benefit our communities and businesses.

“This support means Qantas’ Christchurch routes will soon have 500,000 seats each year and our growth will continue. It’s great news.”

Qantas already flies 14 flights per week to Sydney and additionally offers daily seats to Sydney on its alliance partner, Emirates.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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