One person arrested, police spikes used in fleeing driver incident

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 09, 2021 |

Police spikes were used on Christchurch’s Southern motorway after a motorist failed to stop for officers earlier this morning.

A police spokeswoman said police signalled for a vehicle to pull over on Hansons Lane shortly after 5am.

The vehicle stopped, but then took off as staff approached the vehicle.

“The vehicle was spiked on the motorway around 5.15am on Curletts Road a short time later.”

No injuries were reported.

One person was taken into custody and is facing charges relating to failing to remain stopped and driving dangerously.

Just over an hour earlier police signalled for a vehicle to stop at the intersection of Halswell Road and Sparks Road.

However the police spokeswoman said the vehicle failed to pull over.

Officers did not pursue the vehicle the police spokeswoman said.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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