Police thank Search & Rescue volunteers after two successful operations

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 19, 2023 |

Photo: Search and Rescue teams in Ashley Forest on Saturday / Photo: Police

Canterbury Police have thanked Search and Rescue teams following two rescue missions over the weekend.

The expertise of Canterbury LandSAR volunteers led to two successful operations.

About 3pm on Saturday, police were called to assist with an injured quad bike rider in Ashley Forest.

In a statement, police said “given the dense forest area and difficult weather conditions, police activated the Oxford LandSAR team.

“The dark and wet conditions failed to deter the LandSAR team and they worked with professionalism to get the job done.

“The injured person was successfully extracted and paramedics were able to provide medical assistance.

Thanks to the team of LandSAR volunteers, there was a positive outcome to an unpredictable situation.”

Police were required to assist with a second operation on the same day.

At around 9.40pm, police were called to a locator beacon activation at Pool Hut on the St James Cycle Trail.

Due to deteriorating weather conditions, the Hanmer Springs LandSAR team were required.

The LandSAR group used 4WD’s to head into the hut at the early hours of Sunday morning.

“Thankfully, a period of relief in the weather also allowed a helicopter to reach the hut and extract the two mountain bikers.

“The mountain bikers were uninjured and safely returned to their vehicles.

“Again, this is another example of volunteers sacrificing their time to be a part of these life saving operations.

Police are proud of the dedication and care of our LandSAR volunteers and we would like to thank them for the help that they give both Police and our communities.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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