Police to search roadsides and tree lines for Yanfei Bao

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 03, 2023 |

Police will today search roadsides and tree lines as they hunt for clues for Yanfei Bao.

The 44-year-old went missing two weeks ago while conducting business as a real estate agent.

A man has been charged with kidnapping the much loved mother of one.

On Thursday, police searched along Halswell River, through farmland nearby and MaCartneys Road.

Police Search and Rescue, Dive Squad and Coastguard are involved.

Today Friday, police will search roadsides and tree lines on Hudson’s Road and Clark Road in Greenpark.

The Police National Dive Squad will search near Lake Terrace Road in Burwood.

Other enquiries have continued to progress as police receive information about Ms Bao’s disappearance.

In a statement police said “If you have any information that may assist police in our investigation that you haven’t shared yet please contact Police.”

 Information can be given to Police via 105, either by calling or going online to https://www.police.govt.nz/use-105 using ‘Update Report. Please reference file number 230720/5911.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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