Person found in car boot in Linwood had hands cable tied rescuer says

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 13, 2023 |

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Police say no criminal activity was suspected after finding an individual in a car boot with their hands allegedly tied behind their back with cable ties in Linwood.

The person was rescued on Thursday afternoon after a member of the public heard banging coming from the car which was parked on Butterfield Street.

On Thursday a police spokesman said they “conducted enquiries and spoke to the person involved, and after speaking with the male this has been deemed not to be criminal. He shut himself in the boot.”

Roofing contractor Peter Reeve said he helped police rescue the person.

“I cut the boot open for the trans man who had his hands cable tied behind his back locked in the boot.

Peter said he used electric roofing snips to open the boot “like a can.”

“He was extremely dehydrated.”

Peter said three witnesses, his work colleagues, saw the incident unfold.

“If it had been another hour in there, he would have died.”

Chris Lynch Media asked police for additional comment, but a spokesman said they wouldn’t comment further, and referred back to their previous statement.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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