North Canterbury horse riding club raising funds by giving away a $60,000 boat

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 09, 2021 |

Photo: Supplied (this boat is similar to the prize giveaway the Christchurch Western Riding Association says)

A North Canterbury horse riding club is on a mission to put a roof over its arena and it’s come up with a novel way to raise funds.

The Christchurch Western Riding Association is operated from the Mandeville Sports Club complex in Swannanoa, north of Christchurch.

Treasurer Kim Demmocks said the association has been given a unique opportunity by Christchurch boat building company Huntsman to give away a brand new $60,000 boat as part of their fundraising efforts.

Huntsman Boats was established in 1992 by Geoff and Toni Robinson initially producing Stingray Ski boats and offering specialised fibreglass repairs.

Huntsman Boats builds high-performing powerboats and is owned by husband and wife Mike and Courtney Bamber.

Christchurch Western Riding Association Arena (photo: Supplied)

Demmocks said “we were absolutely blown away by their offer to get involved in this fundraiser. I mean what an incredible prize. This company has a world-renowned reputation of building world-class recreational boats.”

Huntsman Boats was established in 1992 initially producing Stingray Ski boats and offering specialised fibreglass repairs.

The first Huntsman 525 Executive hit the water in 1993, generating so much demand the company expanded to full-time production.

(Photo: Supplied)

Mandeville Sports Club has become the recreational hub for rugby, cricket, netball, bowls, dob shows, archery and equestrian sports.

Demmocks said a roof over the arena will be a community asset for all of North Canterbury Community.

“A large covered space could benefit a variety of clubs and associations in the area.”

Christchurch Western Riding Association hosts a number of shows, which attracts competitors from all over New Zealand.  

“To be in to win this boat, we’re selling tickets for $100 limited to 1500 tickets.”

To purchase a ticket, please contact Iona, CWRA Secretary on 027 283 9626 or Kim, CWRA Treasurer on 027 261 5533 or message us on Facebook at:

Or contact us through our website:

email: [email protected]

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