North Canterbury community relieved as ‘woman acting suspiciously’ arrested

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 07, 2023 |

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A woman has been arrested in North Canterbury this afternoon, following multiple residents complaining about her trespassing on private property.

Police responded to reports of suspicious activity by a woman on a rural property on Poyntz Road, West Eyreton, around 2:30pm this afternoon.

A 23 year-old woman who was in possession of a stolen vehicle was taken into custody around 3pm.

Chris Lynch Media understands that allegedly the woman was previously arrested on the Port Hills threatening to stab members of the public, on July 2nd, although Police would not confirm this.

The vehicle is believed to have been stolen from the banks of the Waimakariri River near Belfast.

Residents in Mandeville, Swannanoa and West Eyreton have been on the lookout for the woman who has had multiple encounters with homeowners in the area over the past weeks.


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One resident told Chris Lynch Media she encountered the woman shortly after reading about her on her local community page on Facebook.

“My lifestyle block is up a long driveway and not easy to find. I had my 3 large dogs with me and it was dark. 

“I was feeding my horses when I saw headlights driving up to my paddock. My gate was shut where I was, so the car started turning. 

“I ran over and waved out as she turned, she put the passenger window down, I nearly had heart failure when I saw a petite bald lady! She said she was looking for the property for sale.

“She was very polite when I confronted her. She drove away slowly & I followed her to go back to the house. I was calling my dogs as they ran at her car, she stopped and I waved her on. I sprinted as soon as she was out of sight & yelled at my teens to ring the police. 

“My daughter rang 111. As I was talking to the Police I could see the car head back out to South Eyre Road. I was told the unit was dispatched. I never heard a thing but put it on Facebook straight away, and contacted all the neighbours.

“It’s beyond a joke! We’ve been here 18 years and always felt safe, now everything is shut and locked up, we have all been on high alert.”

Another resident told Chris Lynch Media her neighbour’s house was targeted by the woman last last night. 

“I’m very glad to see they have her again, hopefully she stays put this time.”

Another South Eyre Road resident said her daughter witnessed the woman and another male on her neighbour’s property with their dogs.

“This happened a couple of weeks ago. They appeared to be trying to steal my neighbour’s dogs and drove up our shared driveway looking into properties.”

A Police spokesperson said the woman is due to appear in Christchurch District Court tomorrow, 8 July, on charges of possession of an offensive weapon, unlawfully in an enclosed yard, and multiple charges of receiving property over $1,000.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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