New speed limits come into force for Wigram

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 29, 2021 |

New speed limits come into force in Wigram in October.

The speed limit will change from 60km an hour to 50km an hour on:

  • Wilmers Road, from Awatea Road to Little Gem Road

  • Awatea Road, from Wigram Road to Wilmers Road

  • Wigram Road, from Awatea Road to Hayton Road

Owaka Road will change from 60km an hour to 40km an hour.

The speed limit will change from 50km an hour to 40km an hour in these areas:

  • Wigram Skies

  • Lodestar Avenue (including the business area)

  • Stark Drive (including the business area)

  • Broken Run subdivision

  • Awatea Park subdivision

  • Awatea Green subdivision

  • Magnolia Estate subdivision

The speed limit on The Runway will drop from 50km an hour to 30km an hour in the busy pedestrian area at The Landing shopping complex.

People travelling through the Wigram area will need to ease off the accelerator from the start of October as new lower, safer speed limits come into effect.

“There’s been a big increase in traffic in the Wigram area over the past few years as new subdivisions have gone up and new developments like The Runway at The Landing have been completed. To make the neighbourhood safer for everyone, we’re lowering the speed limits on many of the roads,’’ says Acting Transport Operations Manager Stephen Wright.

“We asked for public feedback on the speed limit changes late last year and the response was generally supportive. In response to public input we’ve extended the lower speed limits in a couple of areas and we’re installing extra signs throughout the area.”

“We also consulted on time limited parking on The Runway and no stopping areas on Skyhawk Road which were put in place last month.”

“The new lower speed limits come into effect on 1 October so if you drive in the Wigram area please pay attention to the speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly.’’

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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