New reports of another alleged shoplifting by Green MP

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 11, 2024 |

New reports have surfaced about another shoplifting incident involving Golriz Ghahraman, a Green Party list MP, as reported by Journalist Philip Crump of ZB Plus.

This additional accusation is said to have occurred at the same high-end Ponsonby boutique a few weeks before the previously alleged incident on December 23, which is currently under police investigation.

Ghahraman, who ranks seventh on the Green Party list and oversees the party’s justice portfolio, was previously accused by ZB Plus of stealing thousands of dollars worth of luxury designer items from Scotties Boutique on Blake St in Ponsonby.

Following these allegations, specifically concerning the December 23 incident, a Green Party spokesperson announced on Wednesday that Ghahraman would temporarily step down from her portfolio duties until the issue is resolved.

“The Green Party insists on high standards of public conduct for its MPs.”

ZB Plus has now learned of a second alleged shoplifting event by Ghahraman at the boutique, occurring before the December incident.

Attempts to contact the Green Party and Ghahraman for comments on this new allegation were made by ZB Plus, but there has been no response.

Additionally, more information has surfaced regarding the December 23 occurrence.

Sources claim to ZB Plus that the value of the items Ghahraman allegedly took without payment just before Christmas is estimated to be around $15,000.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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