Man arrested after spitting at Countdown security guard

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 21, 2021 |

A man has been arrested after spitting at a security guard at Countdown Church Corner in Upper Riccarton.

Police were called to the supermarket at 6.30 pm Friday after a 58-year-old man allegedly threatened and spat at a security guard. 

Canterbury Metro Commander Superintendent Lane Todd said the man had been refused entry to the supermarket by the security guard, for refusing to wear a face covering. 

He was trespassed from the store and subsequently made threats against the security guard. 

He then spat at the security guard before leaving the store.  

Superintendent Lane Todd said “people undertaking behaviour such as spitting at or on others are putting the health and safety of the public at risk and we treat this seriously.”

““Police located the man a short distance away from the supermarket and took him into custody.”

“The man resisted arrest as police took him into custody. During the arrest the man sustained an injury to his leg.”

He was transported to hospital and received medical treatment for his injury.

The man has been charged with assault, resist arrest, threatening to kill and has been issued with an infringement notice for a Covid-19 related breach.

Countdown’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability Kiri Hannifin said “the security guard is being tested for COVID-19 and being supported during this process.”

“It is always incredibly disappointing when our team are subject to abusive behaviour, but it is particularly distressing when this involves spitting at a time when the country is experiencing a community outbreak of COVID-19.”

“Generally, New Zealanders are doing a great job at following the rules, which is fantastic.”

She said “we have definitely seen some customers refusing masks and being difficult and sometimes abusive to our team in the last few days, and we’d continue to ask people to respect our team, treat them with kindness, and wear a mask or face covering.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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