Lockdown lifted at a Merivale kindergarten

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 08, 2024 |


The lockdown at a kindy in Merivale today has been lifted.

A police spokesperson told Chris Lynch Media they received a report of a burglary at a private property on Garden Road, Merivale, around 11.35am.

Fairleigh Kindergarten is also on Garden Road.

“A nearby kindergarten was advised to keep children inside in a lockdown, as a police dog could do its work in attempting to track a burglar. The school was in lockdown for approximately 25 minutes,” the police spokesperson said.

The lockdown was advised as any people in the surrounding area and on the street may have distracted the dog from doing its work due to the many scents in the area, they said.

Earlier, a parent contacted this newsroom asking if there was any information about why Merivale was currently in lockdown.

The screenshot of the message from Fairleigh Kindergarten sent to parents said: “We are currently under lockdown due to police presence in the area. All children are safe. We will update when lifted.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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