Join the Conversation: Chris Lynch Media launches Letters to the Editor Section

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 20, 2023 |

Chris Lynch Media is thrilled to announce the launch of our Letters to the Editor section on – and we invite you to be a part of it!

This is your opportunity to voice your opinions, thoughts, and concerns on a wide range of topics that matter to you.

Guidelines for Submission:

  1. Original Content: Please submit letters that have not been published elsewhere. We value exclusive contributions.

  2. Related to Published Stories: Letters should be related to stories seen on within the past seven days. Other topics will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Length: Letters should be between 150 to 200 words in length.

  4. Real Name: All submissions must include your real name for publication.

  5. Contact Information: Please provide a contact phone number and address for verification purposes. Your contact details will remain confidential and will not be published.

By participating in our Letters to the Editor section, you’ll have the chance to engage with our community, spark meaningful discussions, and make your voice heard. We look forward to receiving your unique insights and opinions.

Send your letters to [email protected] and join us in shaping the dialogue across Christchurch, New Zealand.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch is a journalist, videographer and content producer, broadcasting from his independent news and production company in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you have a news tip or are interested in video content, email [email protected]

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