GPS helps police arrest Christchurch offenders who failed to return rental van

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 06, 2024 |

Three people have been arrested following a theft at Shag Point, Palmerston, yesterday morning.

At around 9.45am, Police received a report of a bus being broken into, along with at least a dozen wallets and bags stolen, many of which had passports inside.

The total amount of property stolen has been estimated to be around $30,000.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said CCTV footage from the bus assisted Police in identifying two suspects from Christchurch, who had failed to return a rented van.

With live GPS tracking, Timaru Police were able to locate the van and arrest the three occupants around 40 minutes after the theft was reported.

Two men aged 28 and 34, and a 26-year-old woman appeared in Timaru District Court today, facing a range of charges including unlawfully taking a motor-vehicle, theft, and wilful damage.

They are due to reappear in Timaru District Court on 21 May.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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