Global glitch affects McDonald’s across New Zealand

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 15, 2024 |

McDonald’s outlets across several countries have experienced a technical glitch that disrupted their ability to process orders.

A technology outage affected restaurants across New Zealand a spokesman said.

Similarly, McDonald’s Japan acknowledged a “system failure” on X, requesting patience until services are restored.

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the issues seem alike, with McDonald’s Hong Kong acknowledging on Facebook that mobile and kiosk ordering were down due to a “computer system failure,” advising to order at the counter instead.

McDonald’s Taiwan temporarily halted online and phone orders for system maintenance, according to their website.

The problem also impacted China, with “McDonald’s crashed” trending on Weibo.

McDonald’s operates over 41,000 restaurants worldwide, including 1,033 in Australia, 170 in New Zealand, 5,903 in China, 2,982 in Japan, 254 in Hong Kong, and 409 in Taiwan, though the exact number of affected locations remains uncertain.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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