Fire and Emergency crews called to Broomfield house

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 05, 2022 |

Fire and Emergency crews are at the scene of a small house fire in Broomfield.

They received a call at 9.20PM to a residential house on Vanguard Street.

Two appliances at the scene, and the street been blocked off in both directions.

A small section of the roof appears to be on fire.

Fireworks are being set off from nearby houses, including from across the street, as firefighters attend to the house.

Meanwhile, fire crews from across the city have been called to a number of grass and small bush blazes.

Earlier this evening, a Fire and Emergency safety officer was urging the public to not light fireworks on Christchurch’s Port Hills after a fire, believed to be started by fireworks, sparked a grass fire nearly Godley Head.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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