Diwali Indian Festival of Lights returns to Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 27, 2023 |

Chris Lynch speaks to Anshu Party from the Indian Social and Cultural Club. Christchurch.

One of Christchurch’s biggest festivals on the events calendar is back and organisers are promising a “bigger and better” experience.

Anshu Parti, from the Indian Social and Cultural Club, Christchurch, said “audiences will be able to embrace the rich tapestry of traditions as we expand this successful festival to showcase the incredible diversity of Indian heritage.”

Performers from across New Zealand will be showcase their craft including, Indian classical, cultural, folk, and Bollywood.

There will be plenty of food too.

“Attendees will be able to indulge their taste buds with an array of authentic Indian cuisines, brought to you by our renowned local restaurants and chefs under one roof.”

There will be various cultures, including Kiwi, Phillipino, Fijian, Asian and more sharing one stage.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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