Council proposes removing 54 car parks in Mairehau

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 31, 2023 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council

Safe speed platforms and a new road surface are being proposed to manage increased traffic since the opening of the Northern Corridor.

Feedback has opened on plans to install what the council calls “traffic calming measures” on Flockton Street and Francis Avenue which have both been impacted by additional use since the new motorway opened in 2020.

Seven safe speed platforms at 70 metre intervals have been proposed on Flockton Street and five on Francis Avenue to encourage reduced speeds along the roads.

Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Jacob Bradbury said “we heard a lot of feedback from residents on Flockton Street to say that they were experiencing vibrations, so to mitigate this we’ve decided to also include resurfacing for that street which will reduce these vibrations in the long term.

The plans includes the removal of 46 car parks along the street, taking the number of parking spots to about 76 (down from 122).

Council also wants to remove 8 car parks on Francis Avenue, taking the number of parking spots to about 103 (down from 111).

Temporary raised speed humps and one and two-way chicanes were installed on Flockton Street, while speed humps and road narrowing were installed on Francis Avenue.

“We considered all sorts of other traffic calming measures when working on our proposed designs including chicanes, road narrowing, a cul-de-sac, left-in left-out, and reopening Forfar Street,” Bradbury said.

“However, when these options were assessed against our specific criteria looking at how much they affected vehicle speeds and volumes, our wider transport network and other transport modes, the proposals we’re putting forward are the most suitable overall.”

View the full plans and give feedback before 27 September here.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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