Council forced to cancel cycleways as Government cuts funding

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 25, 2024 |


The Christchurch City Council has been forced to cancel some of its cycleway projects.

The council applied for 90% funding from the former Government’s Climate Change Emergency Fund for 10 projects worth $26 million.

In December, Transport Minister Simeon Brown sent a letter to Councils advising that work without a contract would no longer receive funding.

In response to the letter, Councillors will consider a report at the upcoming Finance and Performance Committee meeting regarding the reprogramming of projects.

The report recommends that work should stop on the Westmorland, Te Aratai and Little River Cycle Connections, as well as the Bromley roads package.

Council staff have recommended against the Council covering the expenses due to the significant financial burden it would impose on the Council’s budget.

Additionally, this recommendation is made in the context of the Council deliberating a potential increase in rates by 13.24%.

Head of Transport Lynette Ellis said “transport choices projects that will be delayed will be considered for inclusion in future Annual Plans or when funding becomes available in the current programme.

The report also recommends that work restarts on projects that were previously deferred to accommodate the Transport Choices work.

Work that will continue includes Ferry Road active transport improvements, Condell Avenue renewal, Glandovey Road west and Idris Road active transport improvements, Burwood Road and Mairehau Road intersection improvement, Uni-Cycle cycle connection, the Ōtākaro Avon Major Cycleway section one and Gardiners Road shared path.

Work will continue on existing programmes – school safety Linwood, Linwood bus stops and Slow Speed Neighbourhood Linwood programmes, as well as the Little River Cycle Connection at Ngā Puna Wai.

The Richmond greenway and Linwood road improvements will go back to the Community Boards to be prioritised using other funding, while work on the Linwood Village Streetscape Enhancements is already underway following a Notice of Motion passed by Councillors late last year.

If Councillors approve the recommendations, there will be no impact on rates.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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