Controversial three waters reforms legislation delayed “again”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 18, 2022 |

A city councillor says 3 waters reforms have been delayed

Sam Macdonald said the Christchurch City Council received the news by an email update sent to Councils.

It has been delayed until at least the middle of 2022 following initial talks of legislation being introduced prior to Christmas 2021.

Councillor Sam MacDonald said “the Three Waters Reform agenda appears to be again failing with further delays as opposition grows to the asset grab.”

“If the Government can’t deliver their agenda – why not confirm instead that we can keep our ratepayer owned assets?”

“Let’s not waste any more money on consultants and officials on what has proven to be a flawed model – listen to the Councils and local people. Solutions aren’t found in Wellington.”

“The latest admission proves what we have always suspected, the reforms are unworkable. I am calling on the Government to scrap these reforms now.”

MacDonald said “Christchurch City Council stands to have $6.9billion of assets removed from local ownership and ratepayers will cross subsidise other districts across the South Island.”

A Department of Internal Affairs spokesperson said “Councils, relevant council staff and other key stakeholders were advised in Mid December last year of the intention to introduce the first Three Waters legislation in mid 2022. This remains the intention.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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