Controlled burn in Hanmer Springs

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 21, 2021 |

Fire and Emergency is reminding the public of a controlled burn at Empson Forest adjoining Grantham Hill, Woodbank Road, Hanmer Springs.

This will be going ahead today around for 3-4 hours.

The burn area is approx. 25 ha, and is surrounded by firebreaks to protect remnants of native forest in adjoining gullies. Alpine helicopters is managing the ignition and control.

The burn is enabling a mixed species permanent carbon forest to be planted. Approx. 200 ha is being planted at this time, with a 50/50 mix of eucalyptus and pine. In addition there are amenity plantings with sequoia, oak, and other species, along with plantings of mountain beech and totara.

If you have any concerns, please ring FENZ South Island Communication Centre – 03 341 0266.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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