Christchurch YMCA leaves Y movement

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 29, 2023 |


After almost 160 years, YMCA Christchurch is leaving the Y movement.

In a statement, the national YMCA council said they had accepted the decision of YMCA Christchurch (the Trust) to leave. “This is the first time since 1855 that any of our associations have left the National Council on its own volition.”

“The Christchurch Trust has decided to pursue a path of its own branding with a new name and new identity to better reflect the evolution of its service to the community. Consequently, the organisation no longer meets the national membership criteria and constitutionally can no longer be part of the Y,” the statement said.

It is understood the Christchurch trust will unveil a new name and brand in the near future.

The national council is currently developing plans to extend their reach in Christchurch to ensure their brand continues to deliver specific Y community services.

“We will also be developing additional managed resources and services to the local community alongside other YMCA member associations. We will announce these resources and the organisation to run our services as soon as the exiting association has worked through its notice period and fulfilled its exit responsibilities,” the statement added.

According to their website, the Christchurch YMCA has five locations: City Y, Y Adventure Centre & Clip ‘n Climb, Y Bishopdale Recreation Centre, Y Wainui Park Camp and Y Arthur’s Pass Outdoor Ed Centre.

It is not yet known whether all five sites are moving away from the movement.

National vice president of the YMCA, Bridget-Mary McGown told Chris Lynch Media, “The Trustees of the YMCA Charitable Trust have stated that the change will enable better connection and engagement with their community.”

“As they no longer meet our national membership criteria, constitutionally they can no longer be part of the Y,” McGown said.

Several attempts for comment from the YMCA Christchurch by Chris Lynch Media have gone unanswered.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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