Christchurch stadium achieves construction milestone

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 16, 2024 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council / Newsline

Christchurch’s staduim has achieved a significant construction milestone.

The first of 40 radial trusses, crucial components for the arena’s roof, has been successfully installed.

This progress brings the city one step closer to completing the 30,000-seat sports and events venue.

David Kennedy, Te Kaha Project Delivery Chief Executive said “The individual steel components are delivered to site and assembled into large radial trusses. Each truss weighs between 45 and 75 tonnes and will be lifted into place by a 400 tonne crane that we have brought in for the job,” he stated.

This intricate process of constructing and installing the radial trusses and the roof structure is expected to continue over the next 12 months. Kennedy shared his excitement about this phase of the project.

Canterbury’s Multi-Use Arena has achieved a significant construction milestone

“This is an exciting milestone in the project. Passers-by will start to see the spectacular scale of the arena as the 37m tall trusses are put in place. When finished, Te Kaha will stand 48m at its highest point, or around nine stories high,” he said.

The construction of Te Kaha has been progressing smoothly, staying on schedule.

Kennedy said “lead contractors BESIX Watpac and their subcontractors have made great progress throughout 2023 and we start the new year in a good position, with the radial trusses going in and the ground floor concrete superstructure work wrapping up.”

“Alongside the radial truss work, contractors will continue to install the structural steel to the western stand, and east and south seating tiers in the new year, along with the precast concrete double tee floors on the western, southern and eastern stands.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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