Casebrook neighbour caught up in crime scene told to stay indoors

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 05, 2021 |

A resident who lives opposite the crime scene of last night’s fatal firearms incident has been told by police to stay indoors as they investigate and speak to neighbours.

Police have launched a homicide investigation after a 16-year-old young boy died late last night at a Casebrook address.

At 11:03pm police responded to reports of a firearms incident, upon arrival the 16 year old was located dead.

The resident who lives behind the police cordon, told Chris Lynch “by 11PM there was a gather of teenagers in the Heaphy Reserve making a lot noise, so much so it was stopping the residents from sleeping.”

“We thought we would give the teenagers a midnight deadline before noise control was called.”

The resident said “it went silent before midnight and nothing else was thought of it. It was thought a fireworks party was taking place.”

“Police forensic teams, and police officers have been going door to door this morning.”

The party started at a house on her street and then moved to the reserve.

“It’s beyond tragic that a family now has to grapple with the loss of a teenager.”

“We see and hear so much of tragedies like this but never realise it can happen across from your own home. The armed Police presence, taped off street, forensic markings are not what any Christchurch resident wants to wake to.”

“I hope the teenager is now in his peaceful quite place and his family eventually manage to find theirs.”

A resident on Matsons Ave in Papanui said police are finger printing a car, which is thought to be related to the shooting.

Detective Inspector Michael Ford said a homicide investigation, including a scene examination, is under way to determine what occurred and who is responsible.

A police spokeswoman told Chris Lynch they’re following strong lines of enquiries.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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