Burst water pipe forces partial evacuation of Christchurch’s ED

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 04, 2023 |

A water pipe burst at Christchurch Hospital ED Radiology forcing a partial evacuation.

The incident happened at Waipapa’s radiology unit in the Emergency Department on Tuesday.

A worker told Chris Lynch Media part of the ceiling collapsed and computer equipment was ruined. 

Te Whatu Ora Interim Canterbury Group Director of Operations Lisa Blackler said staff and patients were immediately evacuated out of the area and no one was injured.

“Imaging has been taking place in Main Radiology in the Waipapa building while the damage was assessed.

“The imaging rooms will be back in action this evening but there is damage to the reporting rooms and the staff station.

“We are allocating other space in the ED while repairs are completed.

“Staff stations have been set back up and the radiologists will do their reporting from Main Radiology until some new electrical connections are installed shortly. 

 “We don’t have a timeframe yet on when the repairs will be completed.

I would to thank our staff for their rapid response and excellent management of the situation.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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