Black Falcons set to perform at New Brighton Beach

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 03, 2024 |

Residents and visitors of New Brighton Beach are in for a treat as the Black Falcons are scheduled to perform an aerial display on February 10th at 4:35 PM.

This event marks the return of the renowned aerobatic team, known for their precision and skill in the skies.

The team, sourced from the Central Flying School and No. 14 Squadron, is composed of dedicated instructors who are experts in both training new flying instructors and piloting.

Their participation in the Black Falcons is in addition to their full-time roles.

The Central Flying School is tasked with maintaining high flying instruction standards across the Air Force, while No. 14 Squadron specialises in training new pilots.

The upcoming display at New Brighton Beach is an opportunity for the community to witness the precision flying of the Black Falcons.

It’s a unique chance to see the expertise of the Air Force’s top instructors in action, making it an ideal outing for those interested in aviation.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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