Gunman forces chemist staff into back room in terrifying robbery

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 23, 2024 |

Photo: Chris Lynch

A gunman who robbed Bargain Chemist in Papanui, forced staff into a back room during the terrifying ordeal.

A police spokesperson said officers were called about 8:20pm last night to reports of a robbery at a store on Langdons Road.

The man entered Bargain Chemist with a weapon and demanded items before leaving.

Police were in the area working to locate him the spokesperson said.

Photo: Chris Lynch

An employee told Chris Lynch Media they and other staff members were forced to hand over their mobile devices to the man whose face was covered.

He then ordered three staff members into a back room.

The door can’t be locked, so he barricaded it using a cabinet the worker said.

“I’m just glad we were all unharmed because he had a gun.”

A sawn off shotgun was found at the scene it’s understood.

The Northlink Centre was swarming with multiple police officers and a dog unit following the robbery.

Photo: Chris Lynch

The Kmart store was cleared in what one customer described as an “emergency evacuation.”

On Saturday morning a police spokesman said enquires were ongoing.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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