QUAKE: UPDATE: St John operational, no reports of damage

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 20, 2023 |

All St John Ambulance stations remain operational following this morning’s shake.

The 6.2 quake, felt across New Zealand, struck at 9:14 AM at a depth of 10 km, 45 km north of Geraldine.

St John said “there has been no significant change in ambulance workload or call volumes at this time following the earthquake this morning in the South Island.

”We are keeping a close eye on any subsequent events such as aftershocks, and will provide updates here if they occur.

”Earthquakes can bring back many traumatic memories for some. Check in with your neighbours and whānau, especially if they’re elderly or may need any reassurance.

“And remember to call 111 in emergencies only. For all non-emergencies, ring Healthline on 0800 611 116.


A Timaru District Council spokesperson said there have been no reports of damage and they are still checking their facilities.

Some facilities may be closed in the interim as a precautionary measure.

“Given the nature of the quake it is unlikely there is any damage, but we are taking a safety-first approach.

“Engineers are going out to check on our facilities. Some may be closed until they have been cleared.

“This includes but is not limited to Aorangi Stadium, the Farmers car park, Geraldine Cinema, and the lift at the Piazza.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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