89 new community cases of COVID-19, two cases in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 28, 2021 |

Dr Ashley Bloomfield at Thursday’s press conference

There are 89 new community cases of COVID-19 to report today, 83 in Auckland, four in Waikato and two in Christchurch.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said the South Island will remain at Level two.

The two community cases in Christchurch are both from the same household in Bishopdale.

One of the cases recently travelled to Auckland to provide childcare.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the woman, in her 50s, who travelled to Auckland had a negative test before travelling north and had a second negative test before returning to Christchurch on Friday 15 October.

The case was not considered infectious when they travelled back to Christchurch.

The woman became symptomatic on the 18th. The other case, her partner, became symptomatic two days after that.

“They had two households they visited on the 19th and 20th.

And they were the only close contacts that have been identified because after both feeling quite unwell they stayed home.”


“The first case is a woman in her 50s, Maori, and the other person is her partner, a man, in his 40s, whose New Zealand European.”

He’s truck driver and the company he works for is assisting with tracking his whereabouts during the four days he was working during their infectious period.

“Initial information indicates he was completing deliveries around the Christchurch area, with some trips to north Canterbury.”

”Both people became unwell last week, were tested on 26 October and both returned positive test results last night.

Currently, there are three households where nine close contacts have been identified.”

”Both cases are currently isolating at home, with public health oversight, and with plans underway to transfer them to a local quarantine facility.”

”The local public health unit is gathering further information from the cases to identify close contacts and exposure events, including any locations of interest.”

”People across Canterbury are urged to closely monitor the Ministry’s locations of interest webpage, which is updated regularly.”

”In addition, people in Canterbury – especially those who live in Christchurch – with any symptoms, no matter how mild, are asked to please get tested, even if they are vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are urged to get vaccinated.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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