Woolworths announces funding for food rescue organisations in Canterbury

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 07, 2023 |

Woolworths NZ has announced it will provide substantial new funding to Canterbury food rescue organisations Kairos and Satisfy to ensure the continued collection and distribution of surplus food, following the closure of Foodbank Canterbury.

A spokesperson told Chris Lynch Media “Kairos Food Rescue will become Woolworths’ new food rescue partner in central Christchurch, allowing Kairos to collect surplus food from our stores for distribution at no charge to social service providers in Christchurch.

“Kaiapoi-based Satisfy Food Rescue will expand food rescue coverage from its current five stores in North Canterbury, including the newly opened Waimakariri Junction store.

Foodbank Canterbury collected from all 15 Countdown/Woolworths stores within Christchurch City boundaries, as well as in Rolleston, Ashburton, Ashburton South and Timaru. 

It received direct funding from WWNZ as recently as October, as part of the additional $1.5 million donated to the food rescue and food welfare sector by Woolworths NZ. 

“We have followed recent debate over Foodbank Canterbury’s decision to impose a service fee, including for the food it collects from our supermarkets. 

“We weren’t comfortable with that fee being charged, but we are saddened by Foodbank Canterbury’s sudden collapse, and we acknowledge the important role it has played in Ōtautahi and across wider Canterbury.”

In its 2024 financial year Woolworths NZwill provide well over $1 million in direct Food for Good funding for food rescue organisations across New Zealand as well as donating food worth several million dollars.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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