What does positive waste water samples in Christchurch actually mean?

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 27, 2021 |

The Ministry of Health says the most recent analysis for texting Covid19 in wastewater shows there continues to be positive results in Warkworth, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as previously reported.

But there are NO Covid19 community cases reported in Christchurch or the South Island.

All of New Zealand, south of the Auckland boundary, will move to level 3 at 11.59pm on Tuesday.

Auckland and Northland will remain in level 4. The Prime Minister said it’s likely Auckland will stay in level 4 for a further two weeks.

In a statement, The Ministry of Health said a further sample collected from Christchurch collected on Wednesday was processed today and has returned a positive result.

“As reported yesterday, this result is consistent with virus shedding from those cases in managed isolation and quarantine facilities in Christchurch, however, further testing is underway from a range of sites in Christchurch.”

Dr Ashley Bloomfield said “this morning I asked my team to go back and look at the other instances where we’ve had with positive waste water results on more than one occasion in Christchurch and it very much fits that pattern.”

 “And in fact there are four cases in the managed isolation quarantine facility that would explain it and they will set very low CT values so would have been shedding a lot of virus.”

 However, what we’re doing is making sure that by taking samples from a number of pump stations, we are able to really rule out that there are not other cases in the community that aren’t being masked by that result.“

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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