Police investigation into discovery of two bodies in Riccarton

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 02, 2022 |

Police in boiler suits have arrived at the scene of where two bodies have been discovered in Riccarton.

Emergency services were called to sn Ayr Street address shortly before 6pm and on arrival located two dead people.

The house is joined to other properties.

A police statement said an investigation was underway to ascertain the circumstances of what occurred.

“A scene guard is in place while a scene examination is carried out. As the investigation is in its very early stages, Police are limited in what they can say at this stage.”

Officers have been examining the front door of the property where it’s understood the bodies are.

Tarpaulin has been set up at the front of the house.

The Christchurch Press reported the occupants of the house were most recently a woman in her 80s and her son in his 40s.

Police are yet to confirm the identities of the bodies.

A police command unit has been set up on Mona Vale Avenue.

Three officers and a detective are going door to door speaking to residents on the street.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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