Driver dragged out of car by police in front of shocked onlookers in Papanui

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 06, 2021 |

Photo: Supplied

Two people have been arrested following a robbery in Papanui.

A motorist told Chris Lynch she saw a police car stop another car on Langdons Road at 12.30PM Wednesday.

“They stopped him at the lights, and dragged him out of the driver’s seat.”

“There was a lot of yelling. They got him into the police car and drove off and another police officer drove the car he was in.”

It was at the intersection where the police station is near Main North Road.

The motorist said there were lots of people watching the incident unfold.

“I was in a bit of shock seeing what happened.”

A police spokesman said police arrested two people following a robbery of a commercial premise on Langdons Road.

There’s no word on what charges the offenders will face.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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