“This day will go down in history” pay equity settlement approved

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 17, 2022 |

A pay equity settlement, the first under the new Equal Pay Act, has been overwhelmingly approved by DHBs and clerical workers.

The Public Service Association had been fighting for equal pay for work of equal value for women workers since 1913.

National sector leader, Sue McCullough said “ten thousand mostly women workers will at last receive pay that recompenses them for their labour, not their gender.

“Pay equity will change the lives of many of these workers, with some to receive pay rises of up to 40 percent. Not all roles within the sector have been underpaid as significantly as others, so pay rises will vary.”

“It’s also the first time that administration and clerical staff throughout the country will have same pay for doing the same work.”

Union delegate and long-time advocate for pay equity, Nancy Mc Shane said “when I heard the news last night that our PSA DHB Admin equal Pay claim had been ratified by an astonishing margin of 97 percent, it literally brought tears to my eyes.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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