Stolen car driving by teens crashes into fence in Hornby

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 01, 2024 |


A stolen car driven by teenagers has crashed into a fence in Hornby narrowly missing a bedroom of a house.

Police were called to Amyes Road just after 11PM.

A resident told Chris Lynch Media they heard the noise of the crash which was captured on her CCTV.

In the audio, the screech of a car’s tyres precedes the audible impact of a crash.

“We went to find out what happened. When we got there, there was heaps of people already around and a police dog unit.”

There was at least five teenagers at the scene, three boys and two girls.

“Neighbours already had the kids sitting down and the home owner was screaming at one of the teen girls, because the car stopped a metre from her daughter’s bedroom.”

No one was seriously hurt the resident said.

Police have been approached for comment.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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