Severe Weather Watches, Warnings for many parts of New Zealand

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 20, 2022 |

After an active weekend of weather, the start of the week looks set to continue in the same vein and MetService has issued a series of Severe Weather Watches and Warnings covering many parts of New Zealand.

MetService Meteorologist John Law says, “The extra warmth and humidity that we’ve seen over New Zealand these last few days has helped to spark off some very active thunderstorms, and we are likely to see some more thunderstorms today and Tuesday,”

For Monday, the risk of thunderstorms extends across many parts of New Zealand.

“The conditions for more storms to form stick with us,” says Law. “The western side of the country this afternoon, especially for areas like Northland and Auckland, could hear some rumbles of thunder but we could also find thunderstorm and hail in the east for parts of Otago and Clutha this afternoon as well.”

A deepening area of low pressure looks set to barrel across the North Island during Tuesday bringing a period of heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong gusty winds. A Severe Weather Warning for heavy rain has been issued for the eastern Bay of Plenty and the ranges of Gisborne, Heavy Rain Watches have been issued for Northland and the Central High Country across to Taranaki in the North Island and for parts of Westland and Fiordland in the South Island. Thunderstorms are likely to bring some damaging winds and downpours.

A Severe Weather Watch has been issued for strong winds across much of the northern coast for Northland to Gisborne as winds may approach severe gale force. Winds may also reach severe gale through parts of the Canterbury High Country on Tuesday.
“While this system moves through very quickly there is the potential for a period of heavy rain accompanied by some more thunderstorms and strong winds. With plenty of activity still to come, this week is one to keep up with the latest forecasts and Severe Weather Warnings” says Law.

With winds turning more west then south-westerly during the second half of the week the temperatures are set to cool a little, and a drop in humidity will be noticeable for much of the North Island.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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