Severe weather warnings for regions affected by extreme rain

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 29, 2023 |

MetService has issued a fresh batch of Severe Weather Warnings for regions recently affected by extreme rain.

The moisture lingers through the week and even spreads across the South Island.

Heavy rain with the potential for thunderstorms and downpours returns to northern areas early on Tuesday and will continue into Wednesday.

MetService meteorologist Lewis Ferris warns, “The very warm and humid airmass covering Aotearoa brings ripe conditions for persistent, heavy rain plus the risk of thunderstorms which can further intensify the rainfall.”

Localised parts of Northland (especially north of Whangārei) could see in excess of 200mm of rain fall in around 24 hours which, given the already sodden ground, could bring about flooding quickly. Parts of Auckland could see a further 100mm or more and people should be preparing for further rain related impacts from late on Tuesday into Wednesday.

Coromandel Peninsula is also in the firing line with this next event, and the Heavy Rain Watch currently in force is expected to be upgraded to a Warning later today (Monday) as forecast rain is likely to bring about further slips midweek. Wednesday through Friday could see further rain accumulate around northern regions, but current information is suggesting this rain will be less heavy and not as widespread. Please follow advice from local authorities.

Heavy rain shifts to the Coromandel and Bay of Plenty on Wednesday and parts of the South Island will also receive some moisture.

Western areas of the South Island are running a lot drier than normal (20-50% of January normal) but look to get a string of rainy days from midweek into the weekend.

This may come as welcome news but there’s the potential of heavy rain in the mix too.

“Nationwide we’re in for a week of steamy temperatures which will be notably warm overnight. New Plymouth Airport only got down to 20.2°C Monday morning, making it one of its warmest January nights,” says Lewis.

“On a more positive note current information suggests the upper North Island will have some settled weather for Waitangi weekend.”

Given northern areas of New Zealand have already experienced record-breaking rainfall this month it is more important than ever to keep up with the latest forecasts.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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