Severe weather potential threat to Westland, Grey districts

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 18, 2024 |

West Coast Emergency Management is mobilising staff and resources in preparation for heavy rain in Westland and Grey Districts.

MetService has issued a Heavy Rain Warning – Red for Westland District.

47 hours from Thursday 18 January to 8am Saturday 20 January.

Expect 600 to 800 mm of rain to accumulate about the ranges, and possibly more in localised areas, and 100 to 200 mm about the coast. Peak rates of 25 to 30 mm/h.

 Agencies and first responders will be meeting this afternoon.

There is a high level of concern about possible impacts of the weather, particularly south of Hokitika a Civil Defence spokesperson said.

“Slips and floodwaters are likely to disrupt travel, making some roads impassable and possibly isolating communities.”

While the focus is on Westland, a close watch is also being kept on Grey District which is under a Heavy Rain Warning – Orange alert.

 Grey District:

27 hours from 6am Friday 19 January to 9am Saturday 20 January

Expect 200 to 300 mm of rain to accumulate about the ranges and 75 to 125 mm about the coast. Peak rates of 20 to 25mm/h. Thunderstorms possible at times.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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