Selwyn mayor unconvinced by Government’s water reform proposals

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 01, 2021 |

Selwyn’s mayor is unconvinced by the Government’s water reform proposals.

The council is reviewing the information received yesterday from the Department of Internal Affairs on the government’s proposals for three waters reforms.

Mayor Sam Broughton said water is a hugely important resource for Selwyn. “Over the past decade the Council has put significant ratepayer funding into developing a high standard of three waters infrastructure.”

 “In the past financial year alone the Council spent $21.8 million in upgrades and maintenance of our drinking, waste and storm water infrastructure, and we have committed to a significant investment over the coming 10 years in our Long-Term Plan.”

 “This investment has been planned in discussion with the people of Selwyn and responding to their priorities. We’ve received a clear signal from our community that the quality of their water services is a very high priority – in particular the safety and security of drinking water. We have responded with a future plan based directly on that feedback.”

He said “we are yet to be convinced that there is a strong case for change and that the reforms proposed are the best option for people in Selwyn.”

“We will continue to meet and work with other South Island Councils, mana whenua and Internal Affairs to discuss these reforms. Our focus is seeking the best options for Selwyn, to ensure that whatever system operates in the future they receive the best water services and representation in the management of that system.”


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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