Selwyn Huts residents urged to evacuate as rivers rise

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 23, 2023 |

Selwyn Huts residents are being urged to evacuate as rivers rise.

Due to heavy rainfall in the Selwyn river catchment, river levels are rising and are expected to continue to rise overnight.

This may cause out of river flooding in the lower Selwyn catchment and across Days Road.

As a result, the Lower and Upper Selwyn Huts residents are at risk of becoming isolated, due to the road becoming impassable.

After consultation with Environment Canterbury Flood Controllers, Duty Civil Defence Emergency Management Controller, Murray Washington is encouraging Lower and Upper Selwyn Huts residents to self-evacuate now if they are concerned and to stay with family or friends tonight.

Civil Defence staff are at the huts supporting residents.

If residents have nowhere else to go, a Civil Defence Centre is open at Lincoln Event Centre, Meijer Drive, Lincoln.

Residents can expect Days Road may be closed after the self-evacuation.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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