Scavenger Hunt celebrates completion of central city anchor project

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 10, 2023 |

Photo: Ōtākaro Limited

A $4000 voucher from Action Bicycle Club is up for grabs as part of the South Frame Summer Scavenger Hunt, which will mark the completion of the Crown-funded Anchor Project in central Christchurch. 

The final section, to the west of Montreal Street, is now open.  

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive, John Bridgman, is encouraging people to explore the garden-lined laneways that run between Tuam Street and St Asaph Street, from Madras Street to Antigua Street.  

“The scavenger hunt will be open throughout the summer holidays, so make the trip to town with the kids and walk, bike or scooter along the central Greenway to find the answers to six simple scavenger hunt questions.

“2800m2 of gardens filled with over 20,000 plants and 99 trees, along with four public gathering spaces, 95 seating options and dozens of culturally significant stones and information panels have been added to the city as part of the South Frame.

“My thanks go to Citycare, JFC, Jasmax, Landlab, Matapopore, Aecom, Rawlinsons and all the other people involved in bringing a very different look and feel to this part of our central city.

Photo: Ōtākaro Limited

“In finishing this $31m Anchor Project, we have now completed the creation of a new pedestrian and cycle-friendly circuit right around the central city, with the South Frame linking the City Promenade to Huanui Lane in the East Frame.

“Those living in and near the East Frame will also find it a pleasant route to reach Parakiore Recreation and Sport Centre in the future. 

“The lanes of the South Frame break up these city blocks and create more spaces for people. It’s great to see significant residential development currently going on in the area, which will complement the established businesses in The Yard, and Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School,” says Mr Bridgman.

South Frame Summer Scavenger Hunt entry forms can be downloaded from the Ōtākaro Limited website or social media pages. A photo or screenshot of a completed form, or the six answers can be emailed to [email protected]. Only one entry per email address will go into the prize draw.  Entries close at 5pm on 29 January 2023. 

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Chris Lynch
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