Residents and businesses near the Woolston fire still urged to keep windows closed

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 18, 2022 |

Photo: Fire and Emergency

Residents and businesses near the scrap yard fire in Woolston are still being urged to keep their windows and doors closed this afternoon.

Fire and Emergency crews called to the fire at National Steel scrap metal yard at 8pm last night.

Fire Assistant Commander Dave Berry said the fire had been contained to the main car pile, although it is still burning and will be for some time.

There are six fire trucks and 30 firefighters fighting the blaze at the moment (as of 2pm)

Diggers have arrived on scene and will be pulling the pile apart to aid in the dampening down of this fire.

“This will be a long duration incident and firefighters are expected to be on the scene throughout Thursday.”

Berry said Fire and Emergency was still encouraging residents and businesses in the immediate area to keep their doors and windows closed, and for people to stay indoors in case of flare ups and smoke issues.

Cordons remain in place on the streets around the fire, including Cumnor Terrace, Garlands Road and Marshall Street.

Environmental efforts continue to ensure the runoff into the Heathcote River is either stopped or contained.

Booms were put in place on the river and sucker trucks are being used to drain any runoff.

National Steel not commenting

Scrap business National Steel wasn’t keen to talk to media this afternoon.

The company has four locations in New Zealand, including one in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Putaruru.

When Chris Lynch Media called the company’s headquarters, a staff member said the company didn’t want to comment.

When asked if he knew how the fire started the staff member said “we have our suspicious” but wouldn’t comment further.

The staff member was asked if the company has a message for nearby residents affected by the toxic smoke.

His response was “we have no comment really.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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