Partygoers stonewalling police investigation into the death of a 16 year old

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 14, 2021 |

Medbury Terrace last night

Christchurch police are still asking for partygoers to come forward as they hunt for the suspect involved in the fatal stabbing of 16 year old Zion Purukamu.

Detective Inspector Michael Ford said the scene examination of Medbury Terrace continues today Sunday.

“This is an extensive scene for our staff to methodically examine and we’re grateful to the residents for their understanding and co-operation.”

“Police continue to provide support to Zion’s family and have now had the opportunity to speak with the two other victims in hospital.”

He said “interviews with people who were in the area at the time of the party are ongoing today.”

It’s understood some of the party attendees are refusing to speak to the police.

In a statement issued this morning, Detective Inspector Michael Ford said “it’s been over 24 hours since Zion died and we know there are people out there who attended the party and have not yet come forward.”

“We encourage you to do so even if you don’t think you have anything relevant to tell us, or you believe a friend may have already given us the same details.”

He said every piece of information helps police build a timeline of what occurred and who was there.

Police still want to receive any photos or footage captured on phones, dash cameras or CCTV.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Operation Medbury via 105.

Information can also be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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