Police seize $400,000 worth of assets from Christchurch drug smuggler

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 09, 2023 |

The Police Asset Recovery Unit has successfully taken nearly $400,000 in assets from Convicted Christchurch drug smuggler Sami Zagros.

The Christchurch High Court has ordered the forfeiture of assets from Zagros, who was sentenced late last year to 16 years in jail for his role in a sophisticated drug importation ring.

His charges included one of money laundering, eight charges of importation of methamphetamine, three charges of attempted importation of methamphetamine, and one charge of possession of MDMA for supply.

The charges and subsequent guilty pleas followed a joint investigation by Customs and NZ Police into the drug smuggling ring involving Zagros and two others.

The items taken are:

1. 2015 Mercedes-Benz A250
2. 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300
3. 2013 Ducati Motorbike
4. Nearly $180,000 in cash
5. Just under $125,000 from a bank account
6. 5 pieces of jewellery valued at nearly $36,000

The assets have a total value of $380,000. The money and sale of these items will be put into the Proceeds of Crime Fund from which agencies can make application to fund crime prevention as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation initiatives.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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